Length: 7 minutes

generated_9331595I have a HUGE collection of sexy shoes that my slaves have spoiled me with, so in this series I decide to see which shoes are best at ruining this losers testicles. My Red High Heeled Pumps are a GREAT pair to start with. They are lipstick red, with vicious pointy toes. The heels are long enough, but they still fit great and provide great movability. Great movability means HARDER KICKS, hard kicks means RUPTURED BALLS (My ultimate goal). HAHAHA! I kick and knee this loser’s nuts until he’s unable to stand. When he falls to his knees, I command him to stay there so I can see how these pumps work with a lower target. After effectively smashing his balls from the front, I bend him over and make him take my abuse from behind. By the end, he can’t even kneel, so I force him to lay on his back so I can Kick him while he’s down and STOMP his balls FLAT! Please keep an eye out here and at Team BALLBUSTER’s store (www.clips4sale.com/48001) for my other Favourite Shoes to Kick Boys With clips! Email me at to spoil me with more sexy shoes and boots and submit your balls and your wallet to me! HAHAHAHA! The Sadistic Princess OWNS You!