Length: 3 minutes

GIF-(TSP)-PT4-BB-BrutalityHey Losers, it’s Round #6 of Ballbusting Brutality, which is the final round of this Nut Crushing game! That means I get to Completely Castrate this loser! I can’t think of a better way to Rupture a set of Nuts than to stomp them until they POP! LMAO! I get to crush this loser’s testicles with everything I have. He lays on the ground, unable to stand up after the last 5 rounds, so I just stomp him in the nuts over and over again. I lean onto them, and grind my sexy foot all over his package as I want to feel them go CRUNCH! I grab his ankles for added leverage as I pull his legs toward me and lean into him squashing his little baby balls with as much force as I can. I feel them start to give, so to finish them off I stand up on him, FULL WEIGHT, completely wrecking his nads beneath me! HAHAHA! Another loser get’s his Balls BUSTED by The Sadistic Princess!