Length: 4 minutes

GIF-PT1-BB-Brutality-6Hey Losers, I received a tonne of requests for more BALLBUSTING videos, because it seems most men are too frightened to come visit me and take the pain for real! In this clip, I play Ballbusting Brutality, which is a timed game taught to me by my friends at Team Ballbuster. Each round has a dedicated move set, in this clip it’s Round #1 and #2 which is Knees to the Balls, and Kicks to the Nuts. From timer to timer I get to pummel my slave with as many ball-CRUSHING knees and kicks as I can in an attempt to RUPTURE his tiny pathetic nuts! HAHAHA! Check out Part 2 over at Team Ballbuster’s store www.clips4sale.com/48001. Your Obsession, The Sadistic Princess