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Femdom and Findom Dominatrix Goddess Ava Monroe

Welcome to my life losers!

And so it begins, your heart pounds, I can see you quivering with excitement, you’re so pathetic, so weak and helpless to my voice. You know you will be mine forever…

You’re here to spoil me, satisfy my selfish desires and needs. I will emasculate, dominate and destroy every ounce of confidence you once had. I will bring you to your knees as you beg and plead for mercy, you become helpless and surrender to my beauty. You become obsessed, my muse, my slave.

Your sole purpose in life is to be used and abused purely for my own entertainment. Anything to please your Goddess…You cant even look at me without getting a hard on, you’re such a pathetic loser… Just the thought of being in my life, makes your life worth living.

Boston Submit

    Boston get in line to Submit to a true Goddess. 
Taking wallets, dreams and even your heart beat. Ruthless….

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