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  • Length: 6 minutes (GND)-Ball-Stomping-with-the-SP-GIFThe Sadistic Princess is back and she can't wait to feel this losers balls POP beneath her gorgeous feet. Once again she's decked out in a sexy short dress, and a peep-hole wet look latex top showing off her absolutely AMAZING tits! She humiliates the slave over and over as she forces his legs to be spread and relentless stomps, tramples and gaspedals his testicles until he's crying like the bitch he is; The Sadistic Princess's BITCH. BAHAHA!
  • Length: 4 minutes GIF-PT1-BB-Brutality-6Hey Losers, I received a tonne of requests for more BALLBUSTING videos, because it seems most men are too frightened to come visit me and take the pain for real! In this clip, I play Ballbusting Brutality, which is a timed game taught to me by my friends at Team Ballbuster. Each round has a dedicated move set, in this clip it's Round #1 and #2 which is Knees to the Balls, and Kicks to the Nuts. From timer to timer I get to pummel my slave with as many ball-CRUSHING knees and kicks as I can in an attempt to RUPTURE his tiny pathetic nuts! HAHAHA! Check out Part 2 over at Team Ballbuster's store Your Obsession, The Sadistic Princess
  • Length: 3 minutes GIF-(TSP)-PT4-BB-BrutalityHey Losers, it's Round #6 of Ballbusting Brutality, which is the final round of this Nut Crushing game! That means I get to Completely Castrate this loser! I can't think of a better way to Rupture a set of Nuts than to stomp them until they POP! LMAO! I get to crush this loser's testicles with everything I have. He lays on the ground, unable to stand up after the last 5 rounds, so I just stomp him in the nuts over and over again. I lean onto them, and grind my sexy foot all over his package as I want to feel them go CRUNCH! I grab his ankles for added leverage as I pull his legs toward me and lean into him squashing his little baby balls with as much force as I can. I feel them start to give, so to finish them off I stand up on him, FULL WEIGHT, completely wrecking his nads beneath me! HAHAHA! Another loser get's his Balls BUSTED by The Sadistic Princess!
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  • Length: 8 minutes GIF-Combat-Boots-GuantletAs the gorgeous, sophisticated, posh vixen that I am, I have a large selection of sexy shoes and boots that are all fantastic for ballbusting! A fan of mine really wanted to see the extent of my Ball Crushing Boot collection and sent me a generous tribute to shoot this Custom Clip for him. In part one of this clip I strap on my brown, leather, Combat Boots. These have hard, round toes, and fit very well, comfortably allowing me full movement as I use them to kick, and stomp this losers balls until they're black and blue. As you can see from the pics, I use these boots to SQUASH this losers Testicles in every way I can imagine. I Kick them, I Stomp them, I Gaspedal him, and even stand FULL WEIGHT on his Nads until I feel they are fully Ruptured! BAHAHA! I LOVE being a Pro-BALLBUSTER! Check out my other "Ballbusting Boot Gauntlet" clips over at Girls Next Door (
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  • Length: 6 minutes generated_9344411My sexy stiletto pumps were great at smashing this losers balls in, but I think my knee-high Pleaser boots might just rupture them completely! :) Please keep an eye out here and at Team BALLBUSTER's store ( for my other Favourite Shoes to Kick Boys With! Email me at to spoil me with more sexy shoes and boots and submit your balls and your wallet to me PayPigs! HEHEHE! The Sadistic Princess OWNS You!