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Domestic Servitude and lowly you

Hey bitches. Today I want to talk about domestic servitude. More specifically - why it feels so damn good to work your stupid fingers to the bone for me. Now, while I may be a Goddess and Holy Figure, I still have unfortunate and boring chores and errands that come with maintaining any empire of [...]

By | January 14th, 2018|Diary of a mad princess|0 Comments

A lowly slave’s foot worship tale with Goddess Ava

I put all of the money I had cashed from my pay check inside Goddess Ava's sneakers, and she walked around with them care free. She ordered me to clean as she ate dinner prior to our session. Goddess Ava finishes her dinner, and fixes my leash and collar. I crawl behind her on all [...]

By | November 24th, 2017|Diary of a mad princess|0 Comments

Boston Submit

    Boston get in line to Submit to a true Goddess. 
Taking wallets, dreams and even your heart beat. Ruthless….

By | May 7th, 2016|Diary of a mad princess|Comments Off on Boston Submit

Chicago Part 2

Loving Chicago so much that I have decided to come back after my holidays. This city is amazing and the losers just can't help themselves. Captivated by my beauty you instantly become obsessed and before you know it your greatest addiction is formed. My strict demeanor, gorgeous face and luscious body is irresistible and the insatiable [...]

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Cuck Tails

It must kill you to know that you will never be a real man in here eyes. That regardless of what you do for her it will never equate to being with her.  You are forced into a life of cuck servitude. Destined to be nothing more than a lonely cuck.  Humble yourself and accept [...]

By | December 19th, 2015|Diary of a mad princess|0 Comments

Chi Town hasn’t been shy..

Chi town has not been shy to me. Oh my god. I am killing it here. 2 days and a little under 3 Grand. I have only seen 2 clients. I have a ton of inquires and haven't decided who is worthy. Downtown is phenomenal . I can honestly say it's one of my favorite [...]

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DC brown boy

Training my brown bitch. He is such a loser. 39 year old that still lives at home. He just told me he needs to be home by 8pm for his curfew. Bahaha.    

By | September 28th, 2015|Diary of a mad princess|0 Comments

Washington Submissives 

Here's your chance to worship my flawless perfection. Staying on Capital Hill. Turning nightmares into daydreams, breaking hearts and bankrupting bank accounts. Come turn your fantasies into reality before its to late...   

By | September 27th, 2015|Diary of a mad princess|0 Comments

Back in the 412

Im in the Strip District in Pittsburgh for the next few days. Hosting in a high end, discreet and private loft.  Don't miss your chance to see me while you can.    

By | September 9th, 2015|Diary of a mad princess|0 Comments

Never measure up


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